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名词前用At 的名词有哪些?如At homE,At CinEmA,...

I prefer watching movies at the theater rather than at home. Even though watching movies at home is very comfortable and we can sprawl on the couch, it is definitely not as wonderful and exciting as watching films in the theate...

at the cinema是指看电影的意思 in the cinema是在电影院里面的意思,可能没有看电影,或许在里面做一些其他的事情,可能在电影院工作或者干别的什么

因为 movie 是可数名词,与film 同义,如果前面没有冠词或其它限定词时要用复数,表示看的不只一部电影。 又如: 1.I like seeing movies =I like seeing films. 我喜欢看电影。 . 2.Let's go to see a movie tonight .(movie 前有a,所以不用复...

I didn't go to the cinema but stayed at home last night.

这里的 work at 是个固定搭配,“从事于……”。

It's at the cinema. 它在电影院。

what film is (showing)at the cinema? 在电影院正播放时什么电影?

Turn left at the cinema. 在电影院处左转

prefer doing to doing C

全是问MOIVES的问题,随便挑把哈哈 What is your all-time favorite movie? What is your favorite movie? Are there any kinds of movies you dislike? If so, what kinds? Why do you dislike them? Do you like to watch horror movies? Do y...

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